Building a modern e-commerce site

Planning to start your online business or feel like your web store needs improvement? We develop online stores, taking into account their further promotion (SEO promotion, Internet marketing technologies), taking into account effective sales.

Remember! The website is only a tool and platform for your future sales on the Internet, just like a physical store. And while sign design, location, convenience, and product prices are important, in today’s world without online store promotion, it will be extremely difficult at first to achieve a satisfactory flow of customers, even more difficult than finding your way to an unknown establishment in real life. After all, in life you can always stumble upon it by accident.

The development of an online store is a complex process that involves studying the specifics of each business separately. Before we proceed to the development of your site, our analysts will carefully study the scope of business, the activities of your competitor, determine the target audience and compile a list of “advantages and disadvantages” found on your competitors’ sites, and once this information is collected, we will make our best offer with the most effective functional and marketing “tricks” that can be used on your site. Based on this information, the project manager will make a commercial offer and issue technical specifications.

Offering unique design solutions for each customer is one of the key areas of our activity. Globalistic web studio offers original concepts for the interface of your web store. The design process is based on the latest interface development and page management technologies. This approach helps to successfully combine the practical and aesthetic aspects of a web project. Browse the currently developed webshops in our portfolio.

The friendly interface of the web store helps the user to make the most of all the features and functions of the web resource. Fast page loading in any browser will help you attract every potential customer and save them time with fast search and site navigation.

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