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Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach in creating a site that involves design and development according to the resolution of the screen, its orientation and platform. All sites of our development – mandatory include adaptability to all modern platforms and sizes of monitors.

All user settings

In other words, the website should be based on technologies that would automatically respond to user settings. In practice, responsive web design is a combination of rubber images, including videos, a proportional-based rubber layout, and Media Queries, which are responsible for adapting the layout to fit the user’s screen, and CSS3 determines and resolves the resolution.

Search rankings

In addition, in terms of business marketing, design and functionality means that available websites work better and have higher rankings in search engine lists. Therefore, your website is likely to attract the attention of a larger potential audience when it becomes available to everyone.

Mobile First  

The use of responsive or adaptive design allows the site to be displayed differently on regular monitors and screens of different mobile devices depending on their size. As a rule, three separate design options are developed – for ordinary PCs, for tablets and for smartphones.

The main principle of responsive design of Mobile First  – first a version of the site for a mobile device is developed, and then other expanding elements are turned to it.

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