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Bronze Connection

Here at Bronze Connection, we see ourselves as problems solvers. Having been in the business of windows and doors for over a decade now, we know how difficult it can be to find exactly what you want. Although we originally started off as providers of standard windows and doors, over time we began working on more and more bespoke projects.

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Open AWD

Open Architectural Windows and Doors is proud to assist our customers from start to finish. Our dedicated team of specialists are happy to work with from the production of shop drawings all the way through installation and maintenance.

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Mireal Lux

Nature’s creations are unique and inimitable. Nature is the best artist and designer. Our tables are creations of nature. We only try to emphasize the natural beauty and highlight as much as possible the unique patterns that nature has created for decades, maybe even centuries.

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The Apparel Technical Design Association (The ATDA), founded in 2011, is headquartered in Naples, FL and is the country’s first organization of its kind for technical design professionals in Apparel Industry. We created the association to provide technical designers with a common place to share knowledge and skills with each another and with corporate partners and leaders.

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As architects and engineers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the systems of constructing the aboveground and underground facilities, transport systems. Of the many projects, we are familiar with the wishes of developers, designers and entrepreneurs and can create BIM-models for your project that are suitable for the construction phase.

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The Dome

The company is a direct supplier of finishing materials of the latest generation in large volumes.

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PSP Express

The PSP Express company is a leading national operator of express delivery of goods and correspondence throughout the world and in Ukraine. Our network includes an extensive international agency network, which allows us to make efficient deliveries to any part of the world.

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Teks Ukraine

Our company has been providing specialized logistics services to clients for over 16 years.
Priority directions – urgent address delivery, individual solutions for various branches of business.

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Deles Home

DeLes Home is a family business that has been operating for over 10 years. The company’s policy is to be useful in the construction world, that’s all. The quality of work performed and customer satisfaction always come first.

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Slovak Education

Education in universities and lyceums in Slovakia. Registration of a private entrepreneur (živnosť) in Slovakia.

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Wooden windows of the company “STOLARUS” first appeared on the market in 1998. A serious production base, the use of high-quality components, a long experience in the market allows us to offer you a perfect end product with a guaranteed level of quality.

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Pilot Energy

PILOT is an energy smart drink that will take you on an unforgettable journey. The drink is enriched with high levels of B vitamins, which in combination with taurine and caffeine form a unique mixture full of nutrients and energy.

E-commerce – USA-Ukraine

Sport Leotard

A web site with unique functionality. You can order and buy a swimsuit for your needs and sizes. Sport Leotard is both a design studio, experimental workshop and mini-manufacturing, where our and your ideas come to life.

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A web site of the Slovak Corps of Ukrainian Students (SKUS) is a non-political non-profit youth educational organization that emerged on a voluntary basis at the initiative of Ukrainian students studying in the Slovak Republic.

Virual museum – Ukraine

Porajmos museum

Web site – virtual historical museums revealing Roma genocide during the World War II are working in Czech Republic (Brno), Poland (Tarnovo), the United States, Ukraine (Dnipro) and other countries. 

E-commerce – Budapest, Hungary


Dreamland Entertainment Center’s business web site is one of the best multimedia entertainment centers for children in Budapest: a mirror maze, simulators and a 5D cinema are waiting for you.

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The Cultural Capital Introspection program takes place at the “Sorry No Rooms Available” artist residency in hotel Zakarpattia, Uzhhorod, Ukraine starting August 2019. The program invites American artists and curators to produce their works and engage with a conversation about the future of artistic production and cultural institutions through the perspective of their practice.

E-commerce – Buharest, Romania


ArtNails Boutique is a personalized brand created by Rodica Pinzaru, trainer and expert in the field of manicure art for over 15 years. We created this brand to help us professionally with quality products at an affordable price. We have been on the market since 2016 and we are always growing, gaining experience with you.

Corporative – Ukraine

Hotel Star

Hotel “Star” is located on the central square of Mukachevo, in a charming Art Nouveau building that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian count dynasty von Schoenborn. The windows of the hotel offer a wonderful view of the Town Hall and the pedestrian part of the city – the center of business and cultural life.

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VS Maintenance inc

Welcome to VS Maintenance inc – your reliable partner for all your cleaning needs. We are a cleaning company dedicated to providing efficient and reliable cleaning services to our clients.

Corporative – Czech Republic

Schody do domu

Wooden and vinyl stairs are an excellent choice for those who appreciate impeccable quality, environmental safety, naturalness, strength, durability and elegant indestructible classics. In addition, this type of ladder has undeniable advantages. Thanks to special processing, it can withstand natural high loads.

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At RodneBaby, we rely on quality customer support. We are here to provide you with the best possible service and to make your purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Horizon 2020 NPS UzhNU

NCP (National Contact Point) is your main consultation point for any activity related to the European Structural Funds.

“Great IT company “about people”. Management’s attitude to the team and customers with maximum attention and respect. This is a place where you can influence the course of project development, be part of decisions, achieve excellence in your work and create the coolest products!”

Igor — Danins

Online store of goods for beauty

“I’ve been with the company for 3 years now. The team and management are excellent. High professionalism, involvement in the project, benefits and much more are present in full. This is a product company, everything is in the best traditions of this form of work.”

Mike — Temirrini

Authorized agency in the fashion business

“Thank you for the quality and fairly prompt development of the landing page. I really enjoyed working with professionals. We will start promoting the page soon.”

Ivan — Slovakeducation

Educational agent

“Communication with the company left a pleasant impression – informative, transparent and easy to communicate. Helped with the search for an interesting project. Satisfied with the result.”

Erkan — Calypso

Tour operator

“Many thanks to the company for offering me a project that suits me 100%. I also thank you for the quick and detailed answers to any kind of questions. The impression was only positive!”

Andrei — Sport Leotard

Design studio and manufacturing

“Worked with this studio. Reasonable price, always answer questions. I was satisfied with their work.”

Danara — Open AWD

Open Architectural Windows and Doors






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