Web design trends in 2022: are you ready to increase conversions?

In addition to design, you need to think about accessibility and easy-loading pages to keep users on the platform longer. That’s why it’s so important to follow web design trends!

If you’re in the business of building websites, you should pay attention to web design trends in 2022. This is because in an increasingly competitive digital environment, you must take advantage of your chances to make a good first impression on visitors.

Also, digital technology is full of information that drives visitors, and your company’s website should stand out, right? To help you know what to expect from web design and increase conversion rates, we’ve put together this article. Follow along!

Home page like in the movies

The interactivity of 2D and 3D images in movie theaters has gained space on websites in a variety of segments. Adhering to new technologies, website design is beginning to get a big boost with the introduction of multi-motion screens.

The image quality standard has also been raised from HD to 4K (four times the pixel density) and higher. This scenario also often sees more and more 4K+ monitors and notebooks conquering the market, and even some 6K and 8K models.

This is due to higher broadband and mobile data speeds, which are necessary to meet the demand for visual detail. Thus, a strong web design trend in 2022 will be the introduction of 3D design, animation, AR, VR and large-scale videos and images combined with interactive features to make websites increasingly engaging and interesting.

However, it must be remembered that navigation must be accessible to all brand audiences. Thus, it should be taken into account that not all people have high-speed broadband access.

This requires adjusting the web design of the movie theater so that it can provide a superior experience for all site visitors, considering also the ease of navigation on mobile devices.

Light and dark modes

Screen time is increasing every year, even more so after the Covid-19 pandemic and the marketing appeal of brands and celebrities. On the other hand, white light is known to negatively affect users’ well-being, as it can cause fatigue, itching, dry eyes and headaches.

In 2022, a strong trend in web design will be a focus on user comfort, for which light and dark modes will be chosen for the screens. Therefore, websites around the world will see many soft pastel shades that are not only visually pleasing, but also have a soothing effect.

It’s worth remembering that color is a very powerful tool for evoking emotion in users. A positive trend that extends to user-centered web design is to put the visitor’s experience first.

Minimalist design

The minimalist style of web design has been around for a few years and is expected to last until 2022. It consists of a limited color palette, simple typography and easy navigation, and beautiful photos.

A cleaner format that many consider a simple design, but most good web designers know how to find the right balance. The advantage of this type of design is that the message is clear without being distracting, the navigation is simple, and the design is visually pleasing.

In this day and age, when affordability and ease of use are increasingly valued, a minimalist look can be the key to delighting visitors.


The single-page site format follows the trend of minimalism, and sometimes less is more. This is because this site model is easier to navigate because it dispenses with menus and favors simple scrolling. It’s worth remembering that this type of site works for more specific topics, such as presenting a single product or portfolio.

These platforms make the user feel like they are reading a poster or brochure. This is because the information is concentrated in one place, eliminating the distraction of the visitor’s visual field to navigate or search through multiple pages.

Art-deco style

The 1920s marked fashion and behavior, and this style is making a comeback! Art Deco motifs blend perfectly with the geometric patterns that have been trending in recent years.

So if your business is mostly about fashion, wedding services, decor, etc., this website style is perfect! It can be combined with minimalism to emphasize details. So, the trend in 2022 is to take inspiration from simple, curved lines and repetitive graphic forms of art deco illustrations and architecture.

These elements can also be used to create logos, borders, fonts, distance motifs, and illustrations. To create a site in this style, it is helpful to understand the philosophy behind the original Art Deco movement.

It perfectly combines elements of the natural world with the modernity of the machine age, that is, it relies on simplicity, bold lines, symmetry and constant repetition of elements.

Collage illustration

The design of the site in the form of collage illustrations gives images of navigation tools a tactile feel, which can help increase sales. This is achieved by having more white space in the design, which allows you to include images without concentrating the entire design around a single photo.

It’s important that the collage mixes shapes, patterns, and colors. You can also add a monochrome effect, filter, or tint to your photos to blend them into the overall design.

Interactive emails

Letters that move creatively as the mouse moves are also a strong trend, especially if the business is related to entertainment and education. A very simple way to make text interactive with letters is to apply hover state changes using special tools.

As design tools have evolved, it has become easier to create more complex effects. All you need to do is use modern platforms without code, different from the manual interactions that used to take place. It is important to consider readability and to use interactivity in fonts because some people are distracted by moving characters.


Accessibility is the practice of making your site usable by as many people as possible. In this sense, it goes beyond simply creating a page that people with disabilities can navigate. An accessible website is a sign of empathy and humanity as well as differentiated customer service.

Accessibility features are present on many sites around the world, serving nearly 1 billion people with disabilities across several continents. In this scenario, to ensure that the company’s website is more accessible and continues to stand out as a brand that values and includes all audiences, accessibility needs to be considered as a trend in website formatting in 2022.

Thus, from a web design perspective, the use of visual elements and strong colors that provide contrast, large text and clear images can make a company’s site easier to navigate. Adding alternative text to the images will allow visually impaired users to get the information they need.

Accessibility can also help improve a site’s web design strategy. The other text descriptions I mentioned are an example of this. If images don’t add value to the context of the page, it suggests that the image itself doesn’t belong there.

So re-evaluating images using these characteristics can help to further strengthen the page’s message and improve navigation overall.

Parallax scrolling effects

Parallax in physics is understood as the apparent displacement of an object in the eyes of the observer. Visually, this effect is perceived in everyday life, such as in a moving car.

Web designers reproduce this result with parallax motions that enhance the site’s design. It’s a rather cute but quirky visual effect that encourages interaction with site visitors. It is used through animation, parallax, and parallel scrolling.

The parallax scrolling effect naturally encourages visitors to view your site below the fold, which reduces the bounce rate. Therefore, this type of web design will remain a hot trend throughout 2022.

So, since the advent of parallax scrolling in 2011, you can see how engaging its interactive value can be in adding to the look and feel of a site. In mid-2022, web designers will further expand the capabilities of this nifty art to provide users with an engaging and elegant web browsing experience.

Running basically involves transition, participation, and interaction. Thus, each of the creations can be expanded by combining elements from the company website with dynamic scrolling effects.

 Scroll effect options include:

  • horizontal scrolling;
  • zoom in and out of images;
  • implementation of transitions from one section to another.

With the parallax scrolling technique, you can slow down the background while your visitor scrolls through the close-up at a faster pace. The result is the illusion that the images are three-dimensional. As a result, you can follow web design trends, providing more movement and interactivity for your site!

Intelligent page loading

We have already mentioned that fast page loading is essential for good navigation. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of technical issues, because the Google 2021 algorithm update has made the speed of navigation very important for the organic ranking of the site, along with SEO optimization techniques.

You still need to consider the good user experience and their expectations of site speed. This is due to the fact that 53% of visitors leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load. So you need to remember the importance of responsiveness, because the modern user is no longer waiting patiently for the site to load.

Also from a technical standpoint, Lighthouse or Google PageSpeed Insights are tools that can be used to evaluate a company’s website speed optimization.

We also have some simple steps that platforms and developers can use to make pages load faster, such as optimizing images. Setting a limit on the number of fonts used can help, as can not using too many plugins, as this can greatly affect loading times.

More glass morphism

One trend that promises to be the biggest hit in 2022 is glass morphing. It’s a combination of transparency, motion, and blur that can make page elements visually behave like glass. 

You can use this technique for logos, illustrations, or even entire sections of your site. The secret to using this style is scattering, reflection, and shadows that create an optical illusion.

In this way, combined with subtle movements, the glass effect can give a site a 3D look. Spreading “frosted glass” within the image forces the user to incorporate transparency into their design, making it more organized.

See how the most important web design trends of 2022 can be used to make your website look more modern and provide a better user experience? Following these tips will make the whole process easier!

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